AVIÄIR: The Chosen one to break the corona chain

Obi-Wan Kenobi character in use of “AVIÄIR flavored straws” to break the chain! This new invention, delivers the air you breathe as usual, deep into your lungs, while carrying the needed Oxygen molecules, Nitrogen molecules and antivirus molecules deep into your lungs, where this AVIÄIR recipe treats your lung cells with positive impact and your immune system to fight your pulmonary diseases. This new invention hold granted patents 80% globally and as invention, no other solution you know of or have ever heard of, work like this. Its been named VAVE tech. Volatile API Vapor Extraction technology. Useful for many purposes, like what ever API you need delivered all the way into your lungs. Like a bottle, you can deliver milk or water or juice or alcohol or chemicals or olive-oil etc. This invention delivers it all, by your choice.

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Positive Resultater

marts måned 2020 opfandt vi i Danmark , denne patenterede løsning mod virus. Agarikon er en natur mycelia, der i gennem 1000 år har været

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