Inhaling BioNature to promote Brain Boosting

Boosting your breath and brain with safe tasty filtered clean air carrying natural flavors to support your breathtaking whenever needed.

We are a family business that produces medico to help our customers breathe. The product is the most interesting, in that we have invented new technologies that provide natural extracts, with organic flavors, to help against viruses from breathing problems, tasteful terpenes to promote endorphins self-production against smoking addiction (anti-addiction medico), medico to help against COPD lung disease, with selected terpenes for activation of the endocannabinoid system, that works against inflammation.

While inhaling “bionature” , we can deliver more! our R&D have developed painkillers, brain boosters (Lions Mane fungal mycelia) and recreative products for relaxation all based at safe satisfaction.

We distribute internationally and propose local investors setting up our production lines to support their local markets. Our protective patent families cover with rights in more than 120 countries, so you will see almost no competition.

Our growth potential is globally covered and we are just beginning an exciting asset scaling up production to the international distribution network B2B.

For further information, just google Considaret and connect.

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marts måned 2020 opfandt vi i Danmark , denne patenterede løsning mod virus. Agarikon er en natur mycelia, der i gennem 1000 år har været

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